11b. Small Housing Concepts

11b. Small Housing Concepts - Studio Unit

The studio unit shown on drawing No. 3 [below] measures 6 m x 6 m (36 m²) plus decks and carport with a different configuration shown on the adjoining lots depending on orientation and topography.

The bath/laundry module is 3 m by 2 m and the decks are 2 m deep. The carport can be set on the street boundary or set back 2 m as shown and can be attached to the house or separated to make a service courtyard between the house and carport.

Up to 3 of the 6 m by 6 m units could be located on one lot as either separated units, joined together or linked with covered ways.

Site landscaping is fully flexible and can be used to give privacy, screening, shade, courtyards or usable outdoor open areas for play, entertainment, barbecue, flower or food gardens.

All lots have direct access to a street frontage and the common open space throughout the site.

Affordable Housing Studio Unit Concept Plan
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