11c. Small Housing Concepts [ 1 Bed Unit]

11c. Small Housing Concepts - 1 Bed Unit


The 1 bed unit shown on drawing No. 4 measures 8 m by 6 m (48 m²) allowing space for the bedroom which is separated from the living area by a large wardrobe and small door or a half width wardrobe and large sliding door to give a more open feeling.

The different bathroom layouts either integrate the laundry facilities or are separated to give more flexibility of use.

The entry location will depend on site orientation and can be varied to suit the preferred plan.

Carports are also flexible and the unit can be set back further on the block to best utilise the private open spaces.

If required, or to increase density, two of these units could be located on the one lot, either joined or separated with access and privacy provided within the landscaping.

These units could also be connected in pairs on adjoining lots to give zero lot line and increased usable open space along the side boundary setbacks of alternate lots.

2 Bed Unit
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