11d. Small Housing Concepts [ 2 Bed Unit]

11d. Small Housing Concepts - 2 Bed Unit


The alternative plans for the 2 bed unit are shown on drawing No. 5 with increased living space giving 76 m² area to the plan on the left and a smaller deck and living area to the 66 m² unit on the right.

Both units are designed with a main bathroom and ensuite with laundry facilities either in the bathroom area or in a cupboard recess opening into the dining space.

The generous kitchen can incorporate breakfast bar seating or leave space for a separate open dining area.

The plan has more usable area which is gained by eliminating corridor space and accessing the private rooms directly from the open living areas.

The plans have the flexibility to be reversed on site and set further back if north orientation is towards the access road with the street entry opening directly onto the living area.

The plans could also be mirror imaged and joined in pairs for zero lot line configurations with a stepped roof line giving light and ventilation to the internal bathroom areas.

Generous external lot areas allow individual designs to encourage personal design input and imaginative use of planting, screening, hard and soft landscaping.

2 Bed Unit
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