11e. Small Housing Concepts [ 3 Bed Unit]

11e. Small Housing Concepts - 3 Bed Unit

The alternative plans for the 3 bed units shown on drawing No. 6 are both 88m² in area with the left hand unit living areas facing north away from the entry access road and the right hand unit set back further with the living areas facing north towards the access road.

The left hand unit has the entry into a corridor leading to the living area which also allows privacy and cross ventilation.

The right hand unit enters directly into the living area gaining more open plan space without a passageway and access to all rooms is directly off the living area.

Both plans have a main bathroom with laundry facilities and a separate ensuite bathroom to the main bedroom.

These plans are ideal to accommodate families but are also adaptable to multiple occupancy which allows a more economic rent for each individual.

Kitchen design is again flexible to give wither a fixed breakfast bar or open dining table area.

These units can also be joined in pairs on adjacent lots with one plan mirror reversed to give zero lot line and open up the available side boundary space to the extensive living areas.

External private open space can be personalised for individual taste and the space between the carport and house used as a private courtyard or service area.

2 Bed Unit
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