13. Implementation

13. Implementation

Affordable Housing Implementation

We have already established that this concept cannot be implemented through or by any organisation corporation, real estate market or political group unless they disconnect from the established systems based on exploitation, competition, conflict and greed which is only motivated by profit and money.

These motives will only destroy the initiatives of caring motivated individuals and groups to provide the basic essentials for maintaining life for themselves and the natural resources this planet provides.

Unless the established system groups forego the intent to profit their own organisation and move from control to consensus from exploitation to co-creation, from taking to sharing and from competition to inclusion, they cannot be involved in setting up the self-sufficient community outlined which simply shows how individuals can empower themselves to collectively create their own self-contained community.


The positive news is that there are now many people and groups who are moving to ethical investment and responsible initiatives with intent to move forward and advance this new paradigm of caring, sharing and supporting each other and the natural environment that provides all our needs.

The connection between nature and our human existence is direct and we are all an integral part of the energy that is within each individual, every cell, the smallest particle and the infinite universe we inhabit.

We are powerful human beings and it is our intent that manifests our present and future way of life with the fulfilment of each individual’s purpose within the collective evolution of humanity.

Our current levels of technology, our knowing and understanding have given us the power to co-create with nature and each other and remove the blockage so we can become who we already are.

We have a choice and our future, our evolution and our collective consciousness will result from what we each choose.

Tiny House Communities


Compliance with regulations does not create a positive community – this can only come from co-operation, tolerance, respect and working together because there are many bottom lines. Regulations only control the physical environment without taking into account the interaction and connection with nature, economic needs and social aspirations or recognising the true potential of each individual.

Our society is in the process of constant change and evolution which is stifled by regulations. We need flexibility and vision to encourage and guide innovation in a positive way without being restricted by the negative actions designed to dictate results or control outcomes and people.

Our current level of understanding and technology allows unprecedented innovation which can be used with love, respect and cooperation to meet all our needs, or, used to control and destroy the positive opportunities available to us in the name of fear and greed.

The power that we need to advance our society in a positive way is already within each one of us and not from external governments, groups, committees, organisations or corporations.


When we recognise and apply our own potential we can achieve amazing things together through our collective intent to fulfil the purpose of each individual.

The real estate market, government control and regulations, speculative or corporate greed will not provide affordable housing, but we can do this by claiming our own power and working together with love, cooperation and vision towards a common goal to meet our needs and support each other.

This study outlines one way this can be achieved. There are many ways we can co-create with nature and each other to make our own neighbourhood and our planet a better place for all to live in harmony with food and shelter because we made it through our own vision with our own hearts and hands.

This is the right way, this is the proper way and the choice is ours.

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