Affordable Housing Solution Australia Study paper by John Sparks


One vehicle available to implement this concept is a not-for-profit foundation with intent to honour each individual and provide for the basic human needs of shelter, warmth and food to sustain us in the fulfilment of our life’s purpose. The foundation would be the vehicle through which capital funds are raised to plan, implement and administer the collective community that evolves from working together for a common cause.


This cause is based on honour, respect and love for each other and our planet based on the spiritual, ethical, sustainable, environmental, economic, social and political needs of the world where we have chosen to live. The essential ingredient is love which pervades everything.


There are many options available which will arise from variable physical planning and site conditions, and alternative business models that need to be assessed within the context of the planning principles established in this Master Plan.

The optimum result will be achieved through multiple bottom lines and this can be assessed efficiently by using the following heads of consideration.

The following criteria listed in order of priority will be used to assess alternative site uses and compare the compatibility between other possible developments to optimise the site potential, community benefits and the future sustainability of all activities.

Spiritual Home


If it is not spiritual it is not Byron.

Does the concept support the spirit and healing of the land, the water and the people.

ethics2. ETHICAL

It does not take advantage of others or damage a person’s health or wellbeing or harm the environment.

Sustainable Community


To be self-supporting or renewable and does not deplete available local resources.



To support the biodiversity of the natural environment and contribute to the security of nature.

Social values


To respect the local community, encourage social interaction and support people’s involvement and aspirations.


Economic viability


Economy is more than money and turnover. It is the efficient, not wasteful, use of resources with a direct flow of benefit to the local economy.


Political aspirations


To be decided locally with initial input starting at grassroots level and feeding into the system from ground up, not by outside interests.


This assessment allows us to optimise the site potential by sensitively using the existing assets of the site and enhancing these to create the activities which would benefit most from the site context and its ability to make a positive contribution to the existing neighbourhood and its component social, economic and environmental parts.

The concept option with the most positive advantages and least disadvantages or negative aspects would then become the preferred strategy and master plan.

The not-for-profit foundation then has a basis to publicise and raise funds for the positive plan that illustrates the vision for a totally sustainable way of living which is affordable.

From this potential the structure of the organisation can then be finalised to give a true stable foundation for the community it will create.

Other business models are available with the basic requirements to be not-for-profit, self-sufficient within the site and rental tenure. This is what makes it affordable.

Occupation of the community at the rentals outlined is based on:

  • The resident living full-time onsite
  • No sub-leasing
  • Contributing 6 hours of time per week to the community or alternatively paying an additional $100 per week to offset costs.
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