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                                                  Managing Director of John Sparks and Associates (now JSA Architects Pty Ltd) from 1975.


  • Diploma of Architecture University of NSW
  • Chartered Architect NSW
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Civic Design
  • Certified Practising Planner NSW


  • Associate of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects
  • Corporate Member of the Planning Institute of Australia
  • Fellow of the Australian Property Institute
  • Former member of the International Federation for Housing and Planning, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Member of the Retirement Village Association NSW
  • Representative on former Ku-ring-gai Education Group, assisting the NSW Premier on Educational issues

John is an Architect and Town Planner with 35 years of experience in architectural design, documentation and administration, urban planning, master planning, land use assessment and the design of new and expanded towns. He established his own private practice with responsibility for retail, commercial, industrial, houses, medium density residential, child care centres, clubs, ski lodges, rural subdivisions, motels, taverns, retirement villages, health care, recreational, resort, interior commercial fit-outs, civic and urban planning for government, corporate and private clients, sustainable eco-village master planning and resort projects.

Additionally, John

  • Was a part-time Lecturer and Tutor, School of Town Planning, University of NSW 1969-77
  • Australian delegate to the 30th World Congress of the International Federation for Housing and Planning at Barcelona 1970 and the Congress at Adelaide 1986
  • Guest Lecturer at UTS Post Graduate Urban Estates Management course and tutorials 1998-99
  • Founding member of the Retirement Village Association, he has published features on design for retirement villages, presented seminars on planning for disabled access and the Master Planning of Retirement Villages for the RAIA and Australian Property Institute for Standards Australia.
  • Represented the API on the preparation of Standards for accessible purpose-made buildings for Standards Australia.

He has initiated and contributed to Mobility Maps, Development Control Plans on Access and Mobility and Adaptable Housing, access awards and other issues through involvement in the Willoughby Council Access Committee and the Northern Region Access Forum, as well as contributing to State Environmental Policy and Planning Reviews.

Since retiring John has published a Master Plan for the Byron Bay Town Centre, instigated the involvement of Beyond Zero Emissions to the Zero Emissions Byron initiative which seeks to make Byron Shire zero carbon in 10 years, made submissions to Council and authorities on planning issues, prepared concept plans for planning precincts, presented on radio and to community groups, launched a website with Facebook connections, and prepared Master Plans for West Byron and Bangalow Village Centre, always based on working with nature to connect us with our priceless natural environment as an integral part of our lives and who we are.


Authir, Architect, Town Planner & Eco Warrior Joohn SparksCONTACT DETAILS 

John Sparks

PO Box 321

Bangalow   NSW 2479

Phone: 0417 088 806

Website: www.byronbayvision.com

Email: john@rainbow-spirit.com.au

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