Appendix A: Energy Management Plan

Renewable Energy

Energy comes from many sources and the concept of self-sufficiency and sustainability depends on the resources available in a particular location and the specific needs of the end user community.

A summary list of alternatives and items to be considered in assessing the most suitable energy management system is outlines as follows;



Power generation systems











Power sources







Mains Infrastructure










Single service trenching

-solar collectors:

-        Power

-        Light

-        Hot water

-        Space heating


-heat pumps

-hot plate collectors

-micro turbine

-slow combustion stoves




-rain (water) hydro


-bio mass



-back up and returning power to the grid






- phone

- postal

- cable


-authority requirements

-design concepts


To achieve sustainability the Master Plan integrates the use of land, energy, water, food and materials consumption, waste and transport so that the ecological footprint of the community is reduced as far as possible to the site area.

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